Retrieving a Voided Transaction in QuickBooks

 Retrieving a Voided Transaction in QuickBooks

1. First you launch QuickBooks. Then you click on the "Report" option in the main menu.

2. After that you select "Accountants and Taxes" and then "Voided/Deleted Transactions Detail" option from the context menu.

3. In the list of voided transactions, go to the voided transaction that you want to recover. Copy or write down the transaction amount.

4. Now you have to click on "Lists" in the main navigation menu and then select "Chart of Accounts" option from the drop-down list.

5. Double-click on the account with voided transactions to open the account register. When you cancel a transaction in QuickBooks, the program continues to display the transaction in the account register but changes the transaction amount to zero.

6. Scroll through the transactions in the Account Register.

7. Click and highlight Voided Transaction Option.

8. Next on the transaction type the original transaction amount in the Amount field.

9. And then click on the button "Save" or "Record" to restore the transaction with the information received in the account register.

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