How to start mushroom farming business?

How to start mushroom farming business?
How to start mushroom farming business?

If you want to make a good income amidst the spread of corona virus across the country, then you have a good chance, today we will tell you that you can create a good business by investing less money and earn a lot of profit.

Along with this, there are many advantages of this business, you can start this business in your own home and for this you will not need a lot of resources.

At this time, mushroom farming is done from small to large level and you too can earn well by doing mushroom farming, in the beginning you will not need much money and much space, today we will give you complete information related to mushroom farming business. will give

How much space will be required for mushroom farming?
To do mushroom farming, you will need a room made of plot of 30 to 40 yards in which compost ie mushroom growing soil and seed mixer has to be kept.

How long does it take for mushrooms to grow?
If you want to raise mushrooms, then you will get its compost easily in the market, apart from this you can buy already prepared mushrooms, then you have to keep the mushrooms in the shade, after which mushrooms are starting to grow in 20 to 25 days.
How to start mushroom farming business?

How to sell mushroom in the market? (How to sell?)
 You can invest your money in mushroom farming business according to you, after going mushroom, you can pack it inside the house, then you can sell mushroom in the market or online, for this you also have to partner with any company. may have

start business by training
At present, a packet of mushroom is available for Rs 100 to 150 (Indian Rupees) so this business will be profitable at low cost.

How much money will be spent in mushroom farming business?
 You can start this business from home at very low cost, you will need only one room, you will need at least 5 to ₹ 6000 for mushroom farming business.

How much will be the profit from mushroom farming business?
If you do mushroom farming in 100 square meters, then you will benefit from 1 to ₹ 500000 every year, but you can do more by using new technology i.e. in 100 square meters itself, like table by layer composed in soil or by keeping mushrooms. can earn more money.

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