How to Book Dividend Checks in QuickBooks?

How to Book Dividend Checks in QuickBooks?

Today we will tell you How to Book Dividend Checks in QuickBooks? We will know about this in detail

What Is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is a software that has made it easy for small business to big business who are small traders or big traders, they used to have a lot of problem to manage their account but quickbooks software has made it very easy, this software is very easy. It is simple and everyone will run this software, today we will talk about a similar feature with many features in this software.

How to Book Dividend Checks in QuickBooks?

1. First you open Quickbooks Account

2. After this you click on the "Banking" drop-down menu and then select the "Write Checks" option.

3. You then select the "Bank Account" drop-down list and then select the "Dividend Paid" account.

4. If you are sending online payment, select the account that supports sending online payment and check the box "Online Payment".

5. Then select the "Pay To The Order Of" drop-down menu and select the payee, or enter a new name and press the "Enter" key. If you entered a new name, select "Quick Add" and add payee information.

6. Once this is done you then enter the amount of Dividend in the "$" field.

7. Enter the recipient's address in the Address field, if applicable.

8. Enter the date of the check in the Date field. If you are sending the payment online, click on the "Delivery Date" field and enter the date the check was dispatched or processed, depending on your bank's options.

9. Next click on the "Memo" field and type "Dividend Payment".

10. Click "Save & Close" if you have finished entering the check; Otherwise, click the "Save & Next" button to create a new check.

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