How To Enter Your EFTPS PIN In QuickBooks?

How To Enter Your EFTPS PIN In QuickBooks?

Today we will tell you How To Enter Your EFTPS PIN In QuickBooks, we will know about it in detail.

What Is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is a software that has made it easy for small business to big business who are small traders or big traders, they used to have a lot of problem to manage their account but quickbooks software has made it very easy, this software is very easy. It is simple and everyone will run this software, with many features in this software, today we will talk about one such feature that How to Enter Your EFTPS PIN in QuickBooks?

How To Enter Your EFTPS PIN In QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Accounting Software uses your PIN to verify your identity and protect your account. When you submit an electronic payment to EFTPS through QuickBooks, you will need to enter your password and PIN.

1. First you open QuickBooks Account

2. Then after that click on "Employees". And then select "Payroll Center" option.

3. Then you click on the Federal E-payment that you want to enter in the Pay Scheduled Liabilities section.

4. Now click on the "View/Pay" option at the bottom of the window

5. Then after this you click on the button next to E-Payment.

6. After this you click on the "E-Pay" option to open the E-Pay login window. And then enter your EFTPS Password and PIN twice.

7. Now enter your contact information including phone number and email address.

8. Then Click on "Submit" Button

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