How to Add PO to a Quickbooks Online Invoice?

How to Add PO to a Quickbooks Online Invoice?

If your QuickBooks Online invoicing doesn't allow you to include a PO number, you can customize the form and add the PO field manually. QuickBooks Online will use the custom form each time you create a new invoice.

How to Add PO to a Quickbooks Online Invoice?

1 First you go to Quickbooks

2. You then navigate to QuickBooks Online and then log in to your account.

3. You then hover the cursor over the "Customers" tab, click on the "Invoice" link and then select Customer from the Customer drop-down box. (You can select "Add New" if you want to create a new customer.)

4. And then click the "Customize" button in the upper-right corner of the page to open the QuickBooks Online Mini interview.

5. After clicking on Customize button click Seven Times on “Next” button to proceed to “Custom fields on transactions” step.

6. You then place a check mark in the "Show Name" section in front of the first text box, and select "1" from the Order drop-down box next to the field.

7. Now you enter the name of the new field in the text box. For example, you can use "PO" or "PO Number."

8. Click on “Next” and then on “Finish” to add the PO Number field to your challans.

9. The Invoice page refreshes automatically and the New PO Number field appears in the upper-right corner of the invoice.

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