How To Get Payroll Summary In Quickbooks?

How To Get Payroll Summary In Quickbooks?

QuickBooks Desktop will only display the employee's name on the Payroll Summary report. Instead of using the Summary report, I would suggest pulling up the Payroll Item Detail report.

How To Get Payroll Summary In Quickbooks Online & Desktop?

Step1 First you go to the Reports menu.

Step2 Then you hover over Employees And Payroll.

Step3 After this you select Payroll Item Detail Option.

Step4 Now you click on Customize Report button.

Step5 After clicking on the Customize Report button, in the Display Tab, type Account in the Columns Search Field.

Step6 Then you check Account Name, then click on OK Button.

Step7 On the report, choose Account Name on the Sort By drop-down menu.

I will address any other concerns you may have for the QuickBooks Desktop and Payroll Modules.

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