How do I split a transaction in QuickBooks?

What is a split transaction in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks has the option to split expenses or payments among multiple projects. We can only select projects from the customer drop-down menu.

How do I split a transaction in QuickBooks?

1. First of all you open Quickbooks Account

2. Then you go to the Banking menu and then select Appropriate bank account.

3. After this, in the tab for Review, find the status and then click on Tansaction to expand the view.

4. Now you have to click on Split next in Add Button

5. After this, you then select the option of Appropriate Vendor in the Payee drop-down menu.

6. Then you enter Necessary Information.

7. And then from the Customer Drop-Down Menu, select the Appropriate Projects in which you want to split the transaction.

8. Place a checkmark on the Billable option if applicable.

9. And then in the last select the button of Save and add

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